Sniper 3D Mobile Game Tips

The Sniper 3D Assassin mobile game is a game designed for both Android and iOS. For those loving this type of game, it has also some awesome tips, tricks or cheats to help you get your main goal. Finishing the game so quickly isn’t as fun as having to play the many missions therein. Here are some tips to help you make the best out of every mission and to ensure you are ready for a mission.

-Practice on your Sniping Skills

While the core of the game is becoming a skilled assassin, the major part of doing so is mastering the sniper skills required to do so. As a sniper, the task at hand is always to take down the targets given. To makes sure this objective is met, mastering skills such as pulling off headshots, taking everything around you into account before executing the core objective, learning how to reach hard angles and even getting the moving targets.


The game is designed with a number of different mission types. These missions are where the assassin can improve their skills. First, there is the Primary Mission. These missions may require some stats before engaging into. Also, one must be fully ready to take on these missions. Then there are the Wanted Missions. The Wanted Missions are what will get you by. They will help you stack up more coins which can be used to get the right equipment and accessories to get into the Primary Missions.

-Recommended Upgrades

Getting the right equipment for the job is the best cause of action. From upgrades such as Ammo, Body, Clips, Grip, Muzzle, and Scope. These upgrades may play a different part. Essentially, they generally will help improve on damage, range, reload, stability, max zoom, and clip size. Since sniper rifles are designed to kill the enemy with a single shot, it best to improve the equipment in entirety and focusing on mostly improving damage as this can not increase unless you upgrade it. The rest may be improved over time. Also, you may have to spend some coins on this.

-Earn Free Diamonds

Earning diamonds is a task in itself. Though, if you are hooked to the game, they may come by a lot easier. To earn the free diamonds, one needs to be constantly on the grind playing and make sure to level up. This is the way to get them. Another way to earn the free diamonds is by watching the advertisements. You can also earn the diamonds by linking the game to your Facebook account. To get more free coins, take on the limited events that come to the game. By simply playing them, you will earn some free diamonds. Moreover, by leveling up and finishing missions, your energy levels refill.

-Log-in Daily

This is a basic tip to get you on your way to earning coins on the regular. For the Sniper 3D enthusiasts, the game is designed with a feature such that with everyday log-in, for 5 days consecutively, the player on the path to getting new firearms and other cool rewards of such nature. There is also a cheat whereby one can change their date, restart their device and get more coins. You can do this for even more days ahead to get more coins. Always remember to change the date once you have earned the desired amount of coins.

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