Sniper 3D Assassin Review

Sniper 3D Assassin is one of the latest games designed for Android and iOS phones, developed and produced by Fun games for free. It is a fantastic game, that is expected to receive positive reviews from game lovers. With amazing graphics and fantasy gameplay, the game is very addictive, and one could end up spending a lot of unplanned time trying to complete the levels in the game. Despite its great graphics and display, the game promises to function well in a mobile phone with 1gb ram. However, this is not really recommended as such games make phones with low RAM to freeze a lot. It is therefore recommended that the game is downloaded in a phone with 2gb of RAM or more.

The game has already been regarded as one of the best shooting games ever developed. It comes with bonus points accumulated daily, which can be used to buy new packages needed for guns. It has great hunting rifles that can be used to kill people at long distances. However, at the start, the guns are limited but can be accumulated as the game progresses. The game takes the player through different missions such as a warehouse, shooting range, primary, daily missions, and spec ops. At the start of each mission, one is given coins for completing a different mission. Such coins are later used to buy other rifles, which are crucial for successfully taking the player through other mission.

The game has been so creatively designed to appear real, with great missions that take someone to the edge of reality. The game appears so real that it has received negative reviews from various quarters that it can negatively influence young players. This because the shootings look quite real and those being shot dead in ways that can be termed as horrendous. A single shot from some of the rifles makes blood to splatter all over, gushing all over from the dead body.

Though free, other benefits in the game require that one pays real money for game currency to acquire better weapons and other upgrades. Just like many other free games, pop-ups are a feature in the game that one has to contend with, as they appear randomly and frequently throughout the entire game.
The game is expected to be a favorite of different types of game lovers. The graphics are good and the concept is quite clear. It is very easy to learn but very interesting all the same. A player won’t regret playing the game when bored and one can play it anywhere, as long as a mobile phone is available.
This is one of the few interesting games made for the mobile phones with rifles and weapons being applied the main tools in the game. The layout is great and very catchy. So far, from those who have tried it, it has already received positive reviews with some expressing it is the best game they have ever played.

For anyone looking for an interesting movie with great graphics and interesting missions to accomplish, Sniper 3D assassin is a movie that can give you the thrill while you play.

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